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Scoring software

Device parameters
The main function
Software supports all kinds of ball games, track and field competition,gymnastics, water, ice and so on up to more than 40 kinds of games.
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I.The basic application

Application: apply to support a variety of ball games, track and field, competition, gymnastics, water, ice and so on up to more than 40 kinds of games.


i:According to the different competitions choose different the other software

ii:Support for the games, date, the organizers, participants and the referee's information.

iii:Establish the competing against table, the score, the players and the referee information can switch respectively.

iv:Support the team points, points, game suspension, fouls, attack direction, start the time.

v:Support individual contestants' points, points, fouls, and support 24 seconds timer.

vi:Can set corresponding rules of the game。

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